Cooking: The Art of Cooking

Cooking does not have to be a job. It is an art. This is why those who are skilled at cooking delicious food have always understood it. It was a responsibility to cook for me when I worked for a software firm. I’ve never been happy to cook and always complained about how bad it was. Now that I’ve quit my job, cooking is my only option. At first I was lazy and constantly complained. Time passed by and nothing changed. I had to learn how cook! Finally, I found a way to make cooking enjoyable. I tried many different recipes until I finally discovered that cooking is an art.

Most of my friends moms are amazing cooks. They can prepare breakfast and lunch in under 45 minutes. I was curious about how they manage it. I asked a friend’s mother this question. She replied without hesitation, .. Wow! These are amazing challenges! She also gave me some tips, which I will share with my readers.

Did you know that your vegetables and fruits can be spoken to? I didn’t, till I met my old school friend. She used to be fun and wild. Now, she is a mother of two children and an amazing cook. She revealed some surprising information to me about vegetables. It is possible to make delicious and healthy food by talking to vegetables as you cook them. It all depends on how you feel about cooking. You may have wondered why the same meal you prepared last week was so delicious today. The way you feel about food can have an impact on how it tastes. Positive radiations from the body make food taste more delicious when you are happy. Your body creates negative energy when you are unhappy, angrily, or unwell. This in turn can spoil your food. These factors should be taken into account so that you can cook with clarity. When you cook food, think about how delicious it will taste. This will definitely help you be known as a master chef.

Now, let’s get to the cooking tips and tricks. These are great for working women. These tips are generally intended for Indians. These tips can be changed by anyone.

1. Cut the vegetables the day prior and place in an airtight bag.

2. Your curry and cilantro leaves should be cut immediately after you buy them. Store them in an airtight container so they can be used whenever you need.

3. When you cook rice, place it first in the rice cooker. While the rice cooks, you can also make other dishes. The rice will be done after a few days. Cooking rice in the rice cooker takes approximately 30 minutes.

4. Cut all vegetables necessary for that session’s cooking at once. You can make two dishes at one time without worrying about the ingredients.

5. Last but not least, sing while you cook if possible. Music makes you feel happy which in turn makes your dishes more delicious.

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